About Us

Surf Town Coffee Company is based out of Newport OR, we now ship and sell coffee all over the World. With Two locations and a Roasting Facility in Newport we are dedicated to providing the highest grade coffee on the world market today!

All of our Coffee is Organic and Fair Trade! 

 What Does Fair Trade Do?

  • Creates direct trade links to farmers and their cooperatives, bypassing exploitative middlemen.
  • Pays farmers a fair price for their harvest to guarantee them and their families a decent living wage.
  • Provide access to affordable credit, helping farmers stay out of debt to local moneylenders.
  • Promotes sustainable farming practices, such as organic farming, that help protect the environment.
  • Helps U.S. consumers gain convenient access to high quality, fair trade product through mainstream retailers. 

What Does Organic Mean?

Our Coffee is Certified Organic by OCIA

OCIA is a farmer-based, "grass-roots" organization, where decision making emanates from the bottom up. The formation of local farmers associations (Chapters) is strongly encouraged.

There are at present 58 chapters totaling over 4,500 grower members throughout the world. Member processors, traders and manufacturers, have to abide by the same rules and code of ethics and have to be part of the control process. Thus, there is a guarantee that consumers can count on products grown and handled under these uncompromising standards.

The guarantee is accomplished through OCIA's program of organic certification. OCIA is committed to a demonstrably independent and neutral third party system. They insure that certified members adhere to a unified set of stringent production and handling standards, backed up by an audit trail through which a product can be traced from the final consumer, back to the farmer and field. Certification inspectors are supported in their work by a strong system of peer evaluation in local groups. The ongoing Crop Improvement activities of the local chapter works to provide monitoring and educational as well as technical assistance to the farmers for crop improvement.